05/05/02 – Las Llanuras (Argentina) Malbec 2000

Las Llanuras (Argentina) Malbec 2000
Malbec, a grape which is very common in the south of France (the grape of Cahors for example), is also thought by many to be Argentina’s finest variety, with the capacity to make particularly juicy, deep wines, sometimes with gamy complexity, but always plenty of power. I’ve recommended Malbecs a few times before, but never anything that costs just 2.99! In truth, this is not the most stunning Malbec you will find, but it offers plenty of bangs per buck, and distinctive character. A lighter colour than many, the nose presents a depth of smoky, spicy, autumnal fruit and earthy nuances. On the palate it is medium-bodied and quite fresh due to just enough tannin and acidity, and the fruit – though a touch underpowered – is sweet and delicious. A bargain. Aldi 2.99.