15/09/02 – Bleu (France) Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2001

Bleu (France) Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2001
The strikingly blue bottle and synthetic cork provide the shock of the new for what is otherwise a very traditional wine from the western Loire Valley, near to the cool Atlantic coast. Like all the best Muscadets, this wine is a ‘sur lie’, meaning that it was aged on its lees – the dead yeast cells left after fermentation – to gain weight and complexity before bottling. The nose is delicate and almondy, hinting at flowers, salts and pear-drop fruit. On the palate there is a tiny spritz that brings the wine to life, and along with a rush of zesty citrus fruit makes for a very invigorating, fresh, shellfish-friendly style. There is a little nutty richness on the palate, and good orchard and lemon fruit, but this wine is about subtlety and crisp, savoury finesse. A lovely, correct Muscadet. Sainsbury’s 4.99.