07/09/03 – Les Jamelles (France) Viognier 2002

Les Jamelles (France) Viognier 2002
There has been an explosion of availability of wines made from the Viognier grape in the past five years or so. Once a particularly rare variety confined more or less to the northern Rhone Valley, Viognier is now widely planted in Australia, Chile and, as in this case, the south of France. This has a very expressive nose of apricots and peaches, floral, blossom notes and a touch of butter and cream. On the palate it is nicely rich and full-textured without being blowsy, with a great pillowing breadth of pear and downy, peach skin fruit. This has a really sweet edge, but it is also set against adequate acidity so that this wine finishes balanced and clean, if soft and easy to drink. A really nicely made example of Viognier, and quite typical of the grape if this will be your introduction to it. £4.99 Co-op Stores