08/04/01 – Danie de Wet (South Africa) Chardonnay ‘sur lie’ 2000

Danie de Wet (South Africa) Chardonnay ‘sur lie’ 2000
A Chardonnay for the ‘anything but Chardonnay’ club: no sign of blowsy,overripe tropical fruit, no smothering with oaky custard aromas, no overpowering alcoholic soup that tires the senses after a few sips. Danie de Wet has fashioned this unoaked, 12.5% alcohol wine in a vaguely Chablis-like fashion, with enough creamy, biscuity richness from the lees ageing to counterbalance tingling fresh lemony fruit. The nose is citrussy, appley and crisp, the palate broadens but stays sharp, adding a nutty, oatmeally quality and leading to a balanced finish. A lovely, well-balanced wine and very well priced. Safeway, 3.99.