08/06/03 – Albert Mann (Alsace) Pinot Blanc Auxerrois 2001

Albert Mann (Alsace) Pinot Blanc Auxerrois 2001
This is an absolutely stonking bargain in my opinion. Little more than 7 will buy you one of the most beguiling white wines I have tasted this year. From highly-regarded winemaker Albert Mann, this blend of Pinot Blanc and its near relative Auxerrois, is crammed full of character, which cannot always be said of these grape varieties. This is a dry, immensely flavourful wine with an attractively honeyed, spicy, straw and nut nose showing good white fruit character. The palate displays a gorgeous fruit sweetness, with bold, fleshy peach fruit and lots of tangerine cut and verve. Lovely acidity adds a grapefruity tang. Though medium- to full-bodied and full of limpid fruit, it is fresh, crisp, and has an elegant finish. Drinking beautifully, this is excellent, especially at the very modest price. £7.29, Oddbins