08/07/01 – Auburn Hills (Australia) Clare Valley Riesling 2000

Auburn Hills (Australia) Clare Valley Riesling 2000
You may have read here or in the press that the Riesling producers of the Clare Valley (Australia’s top Riesling area) have bottled the bulk of their 2000 production in ‘Stelvin’ closures: a kind of up-market screw-top. Well, here’s your chance to see if you agree with them that Stelvin preserves their wines better than cork: Virgin have sourced a supply of this fine Riesling in each type of closure, and you can choose which you order. You could buy a couple of each and do a mini-ageing experiment of your own. The Stelvin bottling I tried has a finely perfumed nose with exotic hints of lychee and tropical fruit, blossom and a light waxiness. The palate is weighty with a rich, oily texture and lots of juicy, ripe pear and apple fruit and hints of that luxurious tropical sweetness. The finish is long and pure, with good acidity leaving it dry and refreshing. Lovely stuff. 5.99 Virgin