09/06/02 – Chiwara (South Africa) Pinotage 2001

Chiwara (South Africa) Pinotage 2001
This deep, vibrant, purple-coloured wine is a fine example of the Pinotage grape, curiosity and sometimes star of the South African winemaking scene. Pinotage is a crossing of two grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Pinotage is planted very widely in South Africa, but is a grape that requires careful winemaking to show at its best. Though the back label doesn’t reveal it, this one is made specifically for the UK market by Australian flying winemaker, Kim Milne. He has worked some magic to produce a nose of toasty, coffee-bean oak and cocoa-dusted ripe berry fruit. The palate is flooded with intensely sweet blueberry and black cherry fruit, bags of spice and crisp tannins. Medium- to full-bodied, there’s a rich, spicy weight that persists through to the finish in this thoroughly impressive and delicious, big-hearted red. Spar 4.99.