10/10/04 – Chiaro di Luna (Italy) Bianco di Custoza

Chiaro di Luna (Italy) Bianco di Custoza
The Veneto in northern Italy, in the area that stretches from northeast of Venice to the the west of Lake Garda, is famed for it’s white wines, the most famous of which is probably Soave. Made from similar grape varieties – Trebbiano, Carganega – plus some Tocai, Cortese and Malvasia, the wines of Bianco di Custoza are generally good value, and today, increasingly well made. This example is as fresh as a daisy, filled with zesty lemon fruit and unadulterated by oak. The nose is crisp and citrussy, with a little suggestion of creamy oatmeal, and a hint of sweeter tropical fruit. On the palate there is a sweet candied edge to the fruit, but the powering force is vivid and vivacious lemon fruit that is waxy and bold. There’s a nice bite of acidity making this very juicy and mouthwatering, and an ideal partner to creamy pastas or a dish of char-grilled prawns doused in butter and lemon. £3.99 Somerfield.