11/08/02 – Devereux (France) Portan & Carignan 2001

Devereux (France) Portan & Carignan 2001
Portan is a ‘new’ grape, a cross-breed of Grenache and Blauer Portugeiser, developed in the Languedoc specifically for that climate. Here in the Aude, winemakers David Rowe and Sandrine Puech have blended it with Carignan, to produce a very summer-fruited red, with spicy notes on the nose set against creamy raspberry and redcurrant fruit. On the palate there are really quite meaty, robust tannins, with a peppery red fruit quality found in more expensive southern reds, and a little leathery toughness showing through. This is absolutely perfect glugging stuff with oodles of bangs per buck. It is also perfect for the barbecue should the summer weather play the game over the coming weeks. Sainsbury’s 2.99.