12/01/2014 – Mas Las Cabes, Côtes du Roussillon 2011

Mas Las Cabes, Côtes du Roussillon 2011, France
The Roussillon, deep in the Mediterranean south of France close to the Spanish border, is famed for its hot landscape and the ‘garrigue’: the abundance of wild herbs and flowers that dot the scrubland of the region. Some of the wines of the Roussillon seem to somehow capture this fragrance, but not all of them do. This, however, is a lovely example, perfumed with thyme and violet over solid cherry fruit. On the palate there is lots of red and black fruit ripeness and creaminess, but that tugging core of herbs and earthy flavours, married to good chunky tannins and a nip of welcome acidity, add up to a relatively complex and completely delicious wine with great energy and elan. Watch the video for more information and food matching suggestions. £9.50, Oddbins, Oddbins.com.