13/07/03 – Champs du Moulin (France) Colombard 2002

Champs du Moulin (France) Colombard/Chardonnay 2002
Richard Meadows, boss of Great Grog, urged me to try this wine, a personal favourite of his which he described as ‘amazing stuff – tastes like a 7 New Zealand Sauvignon’. A Vin de Pays from the Cotes des Gascogne in South West France, I tried to put Richard’s enthusiasm to one side, but what do you know: the nose is full of fresh, herbal, gooseberry-tinged passionfruit aromas, with little floral nuances and some lemony zip. On the palate it is clean and very fresh, shot through with vivacious orange and lychee flavours, and crisply-defined apple fruit and acidity. Quite light, and perhaps missing a little punch if you want to be hyper-critical, it is nevertheless a cracking little summer wine that has really good staying power in the mouth and offers a lot for the money. 4.49, but on offer at 3.99, Great Grog / greatgrog.co.uk (free delivery)