14/06/2009 – Errazuriz, Chardonnay 2007

Errazuriz, Chardonnay 2007, CHile

Errazuriz is a familiar Chilean wine name that is a by-word for reliabilty, yet I had to agree with some commentators that in the past couple of years its wines seemed to have gone off the boil just slightly. Well, on the evidence of four or five different wines from the latest vintages, tasted over the past couple of months, they are slap-bang back on form. This Chardonnay from the cool, coastal Casablanca Valley illustrates the point, with its buttery, vegetal nose showing white fruit and a touch of toffee apple. The palate has good fruit too which, whilst not enormously intense or complex, is well-balanced, classy and crisp, and the whole package delivers good value at £6.24, Majestic