15/10/00 – Domaine Kuentz-Bas (Alsace) ‘Signature’ 1998

Domaine Kuentz-Bas (Alsace) ‘Signature’ 1998
I find wines such as this just so alluring: that combination of fresh, crisp, palate-teasing fruit with good body and richness is a sure fire winner, and a real antidote to yet more oaky Chardonnays. Kuentz-Bas is a very highly respected Alsace house, and to see a wine from them on the shelves at under a fiver is something of a pricing breakthrough: in this normally expensive region that is normally the provence only of co-operatives and very small houses. The fruit profile here is aromatic on the nose with lots of floral and grapy aromas as well as fresh apple fruit and sweeter, melony notes. The palate is quite full and rich with lots of clean, crisp fruit and a little spicy nuance. Lovely stuff at the price.UK stockists: Unwins, Cockburns of Leith, Wine Society, Wine Bureau at Harrogate, Wimbledon Wine Cellars 4.99