16/07/00 – Zuccardi (Argentina) ‘Q’ Tempranillo 1998

Zuccardi (Argentina) ‘Q’ Tempranillo 1998
‘Q’ is a new range of premium wines from this estate. Everything about the wine screams quality, from the elegant, broad-shouldered bottle, to the heavy foil capsule and extra-long cork. What a relief then, that the stuff in the bottle lives up to its billing and delivers in spades. It has a rich, earthy ruby colour and the nose is just gorgeous: though glazed with sweet, custardy oak there are layers of bursting berry fruits, cinammon, tobacco and fudge. On the palate the ripeness of fruit carries through. It is dry and dusty, with a jammier edge that just suggests sweetness, but then ripe, silky tannins kick-in and the infusion of aromatic spice and herbs evident on the nose reappears in a long finish. In some wine, bags of pungent American oak is used to divert attention from a lack of substance, but this wine out-Riojas most Riojas, and has a lovely quality of fruit that easily stands up to it.UK stockists: Tesco/Bottoms Up/Selected Wine Racks 7.99