16/06/2013 – Daniel Chotard, Sancerre Rosé 2012

Daniel Chotard, Sancerre Rose 2012, France
The fame of the Sancerre region in France’s Loire Valley is undoubtedly for the scintillating white wines made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. But red and rose Sancerre does exist, made from the Pinot Noir grape. A very good but small harvest in 2012 gave extra concentration and thicker skins to the Sancerre Pinot, resulting in this wine’s extra depth of colour and fine Pinot aromatics. It is flooded with strawberries and cream, but also the hint of truffle and briar that is so Pinot. On the palate that sweet, summery berry fruit floods across the tongue, but true to its origins the finish is abundantly fresh, with minerals and juicy citrus streaking through. Watch the video for more information and for specific food matching suggestions. 16.75, , or 15.07 by the case.