17/02/02 – Blueridge (Bulgaria) Chardonnay 2000

Blueridge (Bulgaria) Chardonnay 2000
Because the Chardonnay-backlash has been in full swing for some time now it is sometimes easy to overlook just how good and pleasurable a really nicely-balanced, well-made example can be, and often at a very modest price. This full-bodied, buttery, lightly-oaked Chardonnay comes from Bulgaria’s Boyar Estate, and their high-tech Blueridge winery which is packed with New World technology. Boyar are almost single-handedly modernising the face of Bulgarian wine, and thier reds have featured as Wine of the Week in the past, but here is possibly the best I have tasted from them so far; a terrific Chardonnay with sufficient oomph to match against even quite hearty foods. The vanilla and butterscotch nose gives way to plenty of juicy plum and apricot fruit, good citrussy acidity and a nutty, spicy finish. I’m also pretty sure it would be 5.99 if the label was Australian. 3.99 Somerfield.