17/09/06 – Storm Bird (Australia) Colombard Sauvignon Riesling 2004

Storm Bird (Australia) Colombard Sauvignon Riesling 2004
A new label for me, that appears from the small print to be the same unusual three-grape blend marketed as ‘Tiddy Widdy Well’ Colombard Sauvignon Riesling in other retailers. What you have here is a delightful, no-nonsense quaffer that is as crisp as winter’s morning, yet has shimmering fruit all packed into just 12% alcohol by volume. The nose is aromatic and grassy, with vibrant gooseberry and lychee notes, and plenty of sherbetty pazzaz. On the palate it is dry, with succulent Sauvignon Blanc-like fruit, with tropical overtones but shot through with zipping acidity and plenty of grassy freshness. Slips down a treat, and ideal to buy by the half dozen from Oddbins, where their permanent 20% discount brings the price down to just 4.23. 5.29, Oddbins.