17/12/04 – Alois Lageder (Italy) Pinot Bianco 2003

Alois Lageder (Italy) Pinot Bianco 2003
The complete antithises of last week’s Italian white wine, the Acanto Bianco from Casa Vinicola Roxan, this is all about restraint and subtlety and capturing the delicacy and lightness of these northerly vineyards in the Alto Adige, hard up against the Austrian border. This 100% Pinot Bianco wine is fragrant and apple-scented, with a really crisp character reminiscent of Asian pear and starfruit, though there’s just a suggestion of mealy, creamy richness beneath. On the palate there’s a fine, limpid quality to the fruit, with a luscious peachy edge to sweet, creamy pear and apple that has surprising depth given the delicacy of the flavours. There’s a mineral acidity that is lean and precise, giving a mouthwatering quality to the finish. Lovely, intelligently crafted wine of great quality. £8.49 Great Grog