14/07/2013 – Caves de Beblenheim Riesling Grafenreben 2010

Caves de Beblenheim, Alsace Riesling Grafenreben 2010, France
Alsace sits high in the northeast corner of France, sitting right on the border with Germany at the city of Strasbourg. Over the centuries the region has swung between German and French control, which perhaps explains why this classic French wine region grows similar grapes to Germany, and even bottles its wines in similar, tall ‘flute’ bottles. This classic dry Riesling is all about crisp and vibrant apple fruit, perhaps just a hint of spice, before a juicy and hugely refreshing palate showing more apple and a lovely, cleansing citrus bite. Long and refined, with 12% alcohol its a lovely summery drink. Watch the video for more information and specific food matching ideas. 9.99, Waitrose and .