18/02/01 – Chateau de Sours (Bordeaux) Rose 2000

Chateau de Sours (Bordeaux) Rose 2000
Chateau de Sours is owned by Briton Esme Johnstone, who has carved a formidable reputation for its wines, particularly the Rose. Generally considered to be one of the finest examples of this often ignored style, the wine is made by the ‘Saignee’ method: ripe merlot grapes are fermented as if making a red wine, but after only a short period, the juice is run off, and fermentation of the juice continues minus the colour and tannin-giving skins. When first bottled there is a tiny sparkle on the tongue which is due to a small amount of carbon dioxide introduced to keep this delicate wine fresh. This pleasant effervescence will dissipate over coming months. The wine has a gorgeous deep, vibrant pink colour and an immediately appealing nose, redolent of roses, violets and ripe, sweet summer berry fruits. Those crisp, fruity flavours continue, joined by a yeasty, almost Champagne-like quality to the fruit and a delicious, raspberry tart freshness. This wine really is like a breath of fresh, fruit-filled, air. UK stockist: Majestic, Corney & Barrow, £6.99