11/08/2013 – El Esteco, Tannat 2011

El Esteco, Tannat 2011, Argentina
It’s from Argentina and it’s red – but it’s not Malbec. In fact this wine is made from a grape called Tannat, famed in the southwest of France for making the wines of Madiran, and widely planted in Uruguay’s vineyards too. The wine doesn’t come from Mendoza, but from Calchaqui in the far north of the country where winemaker Michel Torino has fashioned a wine that has richness and darkness on the nose, it’s both deep in colour and aroma, with an Old World earthiness, before a palate with a really keen black fruit juiciness. The tannins are there, but not too agressive as they are softened by the sweet fruit, though a good edge of acidity sharpens things up. Savoury, deep and full but with a pleasing earthy edge. Watch the video for more information and specific wine and food ideas. 7.49, Marks & Spencer.