10/08/2014 – McHenry Hohnen, Burnside Grenache 2013

McHenry Hohnen, Burnside Grenache 2013, Australia
Grenache is one of the great European grape varieties, the power behind Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Priorat for example. Though there’s a lot of Grenache in Australia too, thre’s very little from here in Margaret River, home of McHenry Hohnen in Western Australia. This just soars aromatically, with the freshest, most vivid raspberry and cherry fruit, a big whiff of cracked pepper and lots of lifted, buoyant character that comes with grapes perfectly matured in a cooler climate. On the palate it is all about juiciness and freshness of fruit, a real crunch of berries melding with more pepper and spice, with lovely acidity and a warming underpinning of tannin and smokiness. Watch the video for more information and specific food matching ideas. £14.99, 157 of Marks & Spencer’s larger stores.