13/09/2009 – Terra Vecchia, Chardonnay Vermentino 2007

Terra Vecchia, Chardonnay Vermentino 2007, France
A French wine, but one that is perhaps a little unusual in that it comes from the French island of Corsica, which sits off of the west coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. It comes from a large producer called Skalli, and blends Chardonnay with the local variety Vermentino (also found in Italy and mainland France, where it is known as Rolle). It has a clear, clean, pear and lemon fruit on the nose, but a suggestion of ripeness and weight too. In the mouth it does have quite a full texture, and the apple and pear flavours are given a bit of herbal and floral complexity from the Vermentino. Well-balanced and with both sipping and food-friendly appeal, the addition of the Vermentino just elevates this above many 5.99 Chardonnays to offer both tasty and interesting drinking. £5.99, Somerfield.