11/09/2011 – Turckheim, Alsace Riesling 2009

Turckheim, Alsace Riesling 2009, France
Made by the reliable Turckheim Cooperative this is a fine example of straighforward, clean and precise Alsace Riesling in a very modern style. Whilst some examples are richer, or sweeter, or more flamboyantly mineral in style, this clean-cut wine in its screwcapped bottle is resolutely crisp and sharp, perhaps with something in kin with the Clare Valley style. It is flooded with citrus on the nose and just a tiny hint of waxiness, before an enormous rush of grapefruit on the palate. This is all about that mouth-watering citrus verve and push, and though a fairly simple style, it has great food-matching capabilities – more details and specific food matching suggestions in the video. 7.99, Majestic.