23/10/04 – Lingenfelder (Germany) Bee Label Morio Muskat 2003

Lingenfelder (Germany) Bee Label Morio Muskat 2003
Rainer Lingenfelder is a tireless campaigner for German wines and his family estate, which has been growing grapes and making wine in the southerly Pfalz region of Germany for almost five centuries. Despite that lineage Rainer has looked outward for inspiration and new ideas, working his apprenticeship across the world from Penfolds in Australia, to Ducru-Beaucaillou in Bordeaux. This is part of a new range of wines – Creatures of the Vineyard – and is a lovely sipping wine, with only 9% alcohol, made from Morio-Muskat, a German cross of Silvaner and Pinot Blanc that is unrelated to Muscat, yet magically it does have Muscat’s floral, fresh, grapy exuberance in abundance. The nose is filled with soft, downy peach-skin aromas and a delicate perfume. The palate is nicely balanced, with lots of sweetness but a raft of zesty mineral and lime and a fleshy mid-palate. The weight of succulent apricot fruit pushes through to the long finish in a distinctive and very enjoyable wine. £6.99 Oddbins