23/03/2013 – i Duecento, Nero d’Avola/Shiraz 2011

i Duecento, Nero d’Avola/Shiraz 2011, Italy
The north of England’s quality-led supermarket chain Booths has just introduced a trio of very nice little wines, white, rose and red, at a very low 4.99 per bottle. The wines come from a cooperative cellar in Piedmont in the north of Italy and I have chosen this fresh and crunchy red as my Wine of the Week. The wine is Sicilian, so I am not sure if it made there by the Co-op or if grapes are shipped north, but the result is a very pleasing and typical island blend of inky Nero d’Avola and sweet-fruited Shiraz, that has that dry, precise fruit on the palate and lovely edge of crisp tannin and acidity that makes it both delightfully easy to drink and a terrific mid-week pasta- and pizza-basher. Watch the video for full details and more food matching suggestions. 4.99, Booths supermakets.