24/08/2008 – Inama (Italy) Soave Calssico 2006

Inama (Italy) Soave Calssico 2006
I’ve recommended the superior Soave wines of Inama previously, but this 2006 edition of their Soave Classico is a particularly aromatic example with a fine combination of taut precision and fruity ripeness. The nose seems to have an extra element of complexity, with stony minerality and a slightly leafy, herbal edge to white fruit aromas. The palate is poised and beautifully defined, hinting at ripe sweetness of that pear and almost peachy fruit, but all given tension and drama by racy structural acidity and the sheer purity of the fruit. This is a truly excellent example of concentrated and ripe Soave that would put some of the more anaemic examples to shame, yet without losing its precision and poise. Even better, it is currently on offer at £9.99 if your buy any two Italian wines priced ove 4 at Majestic.