22/04/2012 – Errazuriz, Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2010

Errazuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2010, Chile
Errazuriz have made this wine for many years, indeed before the current craze for ‘wild ferment’, the now essential technique amongst natural winemakers that uses only the ambient yeasts found on the grapes and around the winery to start the fermentation processes, and which can add interesting qualities to a wine’s aroma, flavour and texture. Here the nose brims with creamy apple fruit and the buttered popcorn and Brazil nut warmth from French oak ageing, but there are all sorts of spicy, herby and earthy nuances from the wild yeast too. On the palate it is decadently rich, full-bodied and flavoursome, but again those little layers of complexity are there, including a fine, salty tang on the finish that makes this mouth-wateringly delicious and very long. Fabulous stuff. Watch the video for more information and food matching ideas. On offer from 24th April 2012 at 9.99, Majestic. See all UK stockists on .