26/10/03 – Tesco (France) Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2002

Tesco (France) Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2002
Even the open-minded, wine-loving visitors to wine-pages.com might need some persuading to buy a Muscadet. If there is any less fashionable French appelation I’d be surprised. Yes, oceans of dreary plonk are made in this chilly Atlantic region of the Western Loire, but there are some really good wines too, which are also distinctive in a sea of Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Sevre et Maine is the small area that generally makes the best wines, and this is sur lie , meaning the wine has been aged on spent yeast cells, thus enriching the wine. It is a real pleasure to recommend this for its fresh, vinous nose crammed with the scent of apples, even notes of richer, tropical fruit, and just a hint of cold, briny seas. There’s a hint of freshly struck match, but it is not unpeasant. On the palate there’s a prickle of C02, and a plenty of zesty, crisp, tart green apple and lemony fruit. It is quite rich in texture, and there’s a hint of nutty leesiness. Really very nice, but crying out for a big bowl of mussels in white wine and cream, and plenty of crusty bread. £4.69 Tesco.