27/03/05 – Wither Hills (New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc 2004

Wither Hills (New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc 2004
There has been some talk recently that New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has started to lose its shine; that the wines are basically one-trick ponies that all taste the same. I for one do not believe that: though a lot of NZ Sauvignon shares a similar punchy character, there are producers making all types of Sauvignon, from grassy and herbal, to ones filled with mineral and lemon flavours, to tropical fruit-bomb styles. This screw-capped bottle from Wither Hills is stunning and uniquely Marlborough – one of the great New World regions to really stamp its mark on wines produced there. It has a hugely aromatic nose with passionfruit aromas and juicy hints of lychee and mango. It has all sorts of mineral, almost smoky nuances and a core of intense lime. On the palate it is tangy and vibrant, filled with mouth-watering orange and grapefruit flavours. It really has stunning fruit purity, and a beautifully long finish that is elegant and poised with shimmering acidity.  £8.99 Oddbins.