27/07/03 – Schlumberger (France) ‘S’ Vin d’Alsace

Schlumberger (France) ‘S’ Vin d’Alsace
Schlumberger is pronounced in the French style (shloom-ber-jay rather than shloom-ber-ger), and is an interesting old Alsace family domaine, where the steepest vineyard slopes are still worked by horses, yet the thinking is bang up to date. This off-dry wine combines Pinot Blanc (80%), Riesling and Gewurztraminer in a racy, yet full-bodied style. The nose is aromatic and vivacious, with lychee, citrus and tropical fruits, and little notes of summer flowers. On the palate a lovely weight of peach and pineapply fruit is cut with orange and tangerine acidity. There’s even a little sense of waxy minerality, before a long, pure, sweetish finish. Excellent for oriental cuisine or for those who like a sweeter style. £5.99 Safeway.