28/10/01 – Chateau de la Gravelle (France) Muscadet 2000

Chateau de la Gravelle (France) Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 2000
I know that name is a real mouthful, but all the clues are there that this is a good quality Muscadet: Sevre et Maine is the small area of this western Loire Valley region that generally makes good quality wines, and ‘sur lie’ tells you that this wine has gone through a process of being aged on the ‘lees’, or spent yeast cells after fermentation which can enrich these sometimes rather thin wines. It is always a pleasure to drink and recommend a good Muscadet – surely one of the white wine world’s most underappreciated styles. This has a charming, delightfully nutty nose of almond, pear and straw, with just a hint of honey and wild flowers. On the plate a little prickle of sparkle creates a zesty, crisp, wonderfully juicy and fresh impression, with quite fat lemony fruit and more hints of nutty richness. Long and beautifully balanced, this was sensational with moules mariniere and crusty bread. 4.99 Safeway