29/08/2010 – Asda Extra Special Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Wine of the Week – 2/8/2010
It is always great fun to drink a 2010 vintage wine from the southern hemisphere in August, when the grapes that will produce the northern hemisphere’s 2010s are still hanging on the vine. This example is made by Errazuriz, an excellent producer and something of a Sauvignon Blanc specialist. This bursts with exuberant, youthful fruit on the nose, with a pea-pod crunch and lots of lemon and gooseberry. On the palate there’s a herby character, a little dill-like quality, as well as copious sweet fruit and a great tang of citrus acidity. It is fresh and delicious and a great way to kick off the wines of the 2010 vintage. £6.36, Asda.