28/08/2011 – Domaine de Cabrials Pinot Noir 2010

Domaine de Cabrials Pinot Noir 2010, France
Unusually, a Pinot Noir from the Languedoc. Pinot Noir is capabale of producing fantastic wines of richness and velvetty opulence, but also a graceful fleet-footedness that sets them apart from more foursquare varieties. But too often less expensive Pinots are either jammy and too leaden-footed, or are thin and lack charm. Here, Domaine de Cabrials seems not to be trying too hard and has produced an elegant, unoaked Pinot with a direct cherry fruitiness, a sappy, Beaujolais-like charm and lovely energy in the mouth. This fruity, brightly-focused Pinot may not be complex or ageworthy but it is a lovely, unforced example of the grape. More details and food matching suggestions in the video. 9.40