30/06/02 – Castelliere (Italy) Pinot Grigio 2001

Castelliere (Italy) Pinot Grigio 2001
‘Pinot Grigio is the new Chardonnay’ according to Virgin Wines’ website. I don’t know about that, but Pinot Grigios from northern Italy are increasingly turning up in inexpensive bottles that show a lot more character and appeal than a few years ago. They don’t come much more northerly in Italy than Trentino, right on the Austrian border, where this wine originates. The nose has layers of herbal and buttery notes, with soft, peachy fruit and a little suggestion of hazelnut. On the palate it is crisp and refreshing thanks to vivid citrus flavours, but a just off-dry suggestion and a nutty creaminess adds mouth-appeal, and there’s more of that nutty quality. Fresh and appetising, there is good, clean pear and apple acidity into the finish, and this works well both as a wine for sipping on its own or with a bowl of cashews, or to match against scallops or other fish and seafood dishes. Virginwines 6.99