31/10/2010 – Explorers Vineyard Rosé 2009

Explorers Vineyard Rosé 2009, New Zealand
A rose wine that would cause some European producers – and some consumers – to have a fit of the vapours. Not only have those upstart Kiwis made a still rose wine by blending red and whte wines together (totally illegal for quality wines in Europe) but they’d done it with two of the noblest grapes, that normally are unsullied by blending: Riesling and Pinot Noir. In fact this fresh, breezy and unusual pink is delicious. the soft, summery red berry fruit of the Pinot set against the herbal and citrus notes of the Riesling, to give complex aromatics and a crisp, focused palate with lime freshness and that sweeter berry and earthy quality sneaking in. It is off-dry, but finishes with excellent balance. The video also includes some food match suggestions. 7.49, The Co-operative.