31/07/06 – Sabai (Thailand) Wine Spritzer

Sabai (Thailand) Wine Spritzer
I can hear the gasps of horror ricocheting around cyberspace that such an august publication as wine-pages.com is recommending such a positively frivolous and determindly ‘girlie’ drink as Sabai, a pink wine spritzer from Thailand, flavoured with the fruit of the red hibiscus. But life can’t always be serious, and with only 5.5% alcohol and its refreshing, fruity sweetness, Sabai has really come into its own during the past few weeks of tropical temperatures and humidity. Although new to this country, Sabai has been around in Thailand since 1986, and blends local white wine made from the Malaga grape grown on floating vineyards, with hibiscus fruit from Thailand’s northern provinces. It is gently effervescent and the sweet, soft, almost strawberry-like flavours are cut with delicate acidity in a very easy-going and fun drink that is also a lovely foil to Thai and aromatic Chinese cuisine. 3.99 for four 275ml bottles, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.