03/02/2013 – The Society’s French Dry White 2011

The Society’s French Dry White 2011, France
It’s becoming almost impossible to find a truly recommendable wine under six pounds, let alone under a fiver. The plain fact is that if you spend 5 on a bottle, the majority of your money goes directly to the UK tax man. From the couple of quid left over, the cost of production, bottling, shipping and profits leaves precious little for the liquid in the bottle. Now and again a solid little buy at 5 or 6 does come along still, such as this Sauvignon Blanc-dominated fresh and crisp white from the Pays d’Oc in southern France. Herb-tinged, apple and lemon fruit sets the scene, for a wine with a bit of weight and texture but plenty of zippy flavour and enough acidity and dry savoury appeal to be broadly food friendly. Watch the video for more information as well as food matching suggestions. 5.95, The Wine Society