31/05/2015 – Asda, Wine Atlas Frapatto 2014

Asda, Wine Atlas Frapatto 2014, Sicily, Italy
Part of Asda’s new range called ‘Wine Atlas’ that focuses on regional grape varieties from around the world, this inexpensive red is made from Sicily’s Frapatto. Frapatto tends to make lighter-bodied, juicy wines, the best of which can have fine, buoyant fruit and aromatics in a similar mould to Beaujolais. This is not the most fragant and perfumed example I’ve come across, but it is charming and soft, modest in alcohol, and as both an introduction to the grape and a low-priced summer barbecue and picnic all-rounder, it’s worth a fiver of your money. Watch the video for my full review of this wine and for food-matching suggestions. 4.97, Asda and Asda Online.