03/07/2011 – Elio Perrone, Moscato d’Asti 2010

Elio Perrone, Moscato d’Asti 2010, Italy
Whilst we hopefully enjoy some glorious July weather, this ravishingly fresh, subtle and delightful wine should hot the spot precisely. Moscato d’Asti comes from Piedmonth in northwest Italy, and is a million light years away from the 70s party favourite, Asti Spumante. And yet there is a family resemblence because this 100% Muscat wine is lightly frothy, sweet and low in alcohol – in fact only 5%, which is about the same as many beers. It has beautiful floral and herb notes on the nose, a palate filled with sweet, peach down fruit and a refreshing element of acidity that whilst playing second fiddle to the sweetness, does enough to keep this elegant and very fresh. A joyous summer in the garden tipple, and there are more details and some interesting food-matching ideas on the video. £6.75, The Wine Society.