12/05/2013 – Cuvée Chasseur, Rouge 2012

Cuvee Chasseur, Rouge 2012, France
Finding wines costing under five pounds is still relatively easy. The big problem is finding decent examples at that price. A recent study by a big UK wine distributor called Hatch Mansfield showed that after taxes, costs and profit margins, only 4% – that’s 20p – from a 5.00 bottle of wine is made up by the stuff inside the bottle. Therefore. wine-pages can no longer focus under 5 very often, but I know many people still seek a cheap and cheerful party wine or mid-week pasta basher, so here’s one that is an acceptable quaffer. It’s a ‘Vin de France’, so fruit can be mixed from different French regions, and in this case that results in a berry and bramble-scented and flavoured, easy-drinking mouthful that has nothing to offer by way of structure or complexity, but is as good as any I’ve tasted recently. It does the job. Watch the video for more information and food matching ideas. 4.95, Waitrose, Ocado.