08/01/2012 – Les Crouzes, Colombard 2010

Les Crouzes, Colombard 2010, France
It’s the time of year when many people attempt to ‘detox’ by cutting back, or at least cutting down on alcohol intake. Though personally I don’t partake of any detox regime, I have found a little wine that is naturally low in alcohol at only 11.5%, so might suit those of you who do. It comes from Gascony in Southwest France, and has a nose that hints at Sauvignon Blanc-type herbaceous and elderflower notes, but then it homes in on ripe, crunchy apple and even tropical fruit. On the palate I detect a bit of residual sugar in this wine which some will like more than others, but that ripe melon and lychee exotic fruit is there and there is pretty good acidity to balance the easy-drinking style. A useful little January wine, and there are more details and food-matching ideas in the video. 5.39, The Cooperative.