08/04/2012 – Harvey’s 30-Year-Old PX Sherry

Harvey’s 30-Year-Old PX Sherry, Spain
Pedro Ximenez or PX is a grape variety almost exclusively associated with a wonderfully deep, dark and intensely sweet style of dessert Sherry from the south of Spain. This particular example comes from a Solera started in 1919, and on average the wines blended in this bottle are 30 years old. That gives it a fabulously dark colour and treacle-thick richness, with a nose crammed with stewed black fruits, raisins and walnuts, espresso coffee and chocolate. On the palate that onslaught of flavours continues, with hueg sweetness, but richness and depth too, and all the time a fine acidity that stops it from cloying, despite the enveloping richness of the wine. Expensive, but a rare and real treat. See the video for more information, maps and food matching. 21 per 50cl, Waitrose, Booths and Morrisons. See all UK stockists on .