Wise Wolf, Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

(2023) Wise Wolf is a new brand from Hardy's Banrock Station of Australia, but the wines made in the Languedoc, South of France. Packed in unusual, squat little bottles that stress their eco credentials, being made from recycled and recyclable glass. The stuff inside is a fairly chunky, ripe and smooth Cabernet, with plenty of sweet blackcurrant fruit if a slightly jammy edge. It won't set the heather on fire, but it is an interesting project and the packaging a talking point for sure. Also in Morrisons and Sainsbury's, though a pound or two dearer. There's a Chardonnay in the range which is a touch non-descript, and a rosé which I have not tasted. Watch the video for more information.


  1. 100% behind the recycling of glass ect. But please make the contents flavoursome! Fancy bottle filled with 14% purple water. ×

    1. It’s rather like some other wines in innovative packaging I’ve had, including a paper bottle and a recycled plastic bottle: I wish they’d put a better quality liquid inside them. Thanks for the comment.

  2. The bottle reminds me of the bottles used for Dutch Jenever. I like Bordeaux type bottles the best, although the cork is kind of neat. I’ve had that type on some Madeiras. I had to smile when you mentioned Black Tower. Back in the 70s the only wines I knew were Black Tower and Mateus. Everything else might as well have been labeled in Swahili.

    1. Thanks Ned – yes, happy memories of wine’s humble beginnings :). I applaud moves to present wine in a new way, though for the reasons stated – wine being only of average quality and the bottle being a bit tricky to pour from – not sure the Wise Wolf formula has cracked it just yet.

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