Yerevan, Kangun Rkatsiteli 2019

(2021) A blend of the local Kangun (65%) and Rkatsiteli from vineyards at over 1000 metres altitude, this is unoaked and comes from an area close to the biblical Moutn Arrarat. Fresh pear and a zipping lemon and lemon rind are the main aromatic notes, a little fresh green grape too. The palate has plenty of peachy fruit, lime and a really lovely, clear acid line to the finish. A stylish and modern interpretation from one of the most ancient of all winemaking countries. Watch the video for more information.


  1. I’ve have had several nice Armenian wines before and was always willing to try them. Notably from the Armenian Wine Company. But lately the LGBTQ situation in that country has really turned me off and I no longer will buy them for that reason.

    1. Hi Ned. I very much respect that position and your decision. Good on you for sticking to your principles. As a professional wine writer I cannot reasonably exclude a country’s wines based on the political situation in that country, but what I choose to buy or support on a personal level is, of course, a different matter.

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