(2017) Scot Andrew Norrie came across a pipe of an old Port, being sold to help with funeral expenses for an elderly Douro family, and set about helping out by establishing exactly what was in the barrel before bottling and selling it. Finally he tracked down the necessary paperwork to establish it is a Port registered in 1935 and made at famous Quinta. It's a wine with a dark colour, still some ruby at the core, and it is intensely aromatic: there is obvious age with a bit of oxidation character and brown sugar, but a beguiling mix of cherry and sweet, damp earth too. In the mouth it is generous, and sweetly rich, Agen prunes and Medjool dates, a touch of liquorice and also honey, and a long, intense finish with the curranty sweetness offset by still good acidity and a bit of tensioning alcohol. Really it's treat to taste this, and wonderful that it has been made available.