(2021) Arguably the most interesting thing about this wine is not the stuff in the bottle, but the bottle round the stuff: 100% recycled plastic, it is also recyclable and weighs just 63 grams when empty - about 87% less than a standard glass bottle. It is also a unique, letter-box-friendly flat shape, said to take up around half the volume of a standard glass bottle when being shipped, all of which give very attractive eco-credentials. The wine itself is a rather sweet Merlot with soft strawberry and summer pudding flavours, vanilla and a little dustiness, and barely perceptible tannins but decent balancing acidity. Some oak influence (almost certainly staves or chips rather than barrels). In many ways it's a shame this unique supermarket package doesn't contain a more interesting wine, but then it is a crowd-pleasing style and maybe that's what counts for people who pick a bottle up, attracted by the unusual packaging. Watch the video for more information and to see the bottle.