(2014) A 'saignée' method rosé, where around 80% of Pinot Noir was fermented with Chardonnay until enough colour and flavour had leeched from the skins. This is all about red berry fruit, from its quite deep cherry colour to the cherry and raspberry touches freshening the palate. It has a crisp, tantalising dryness and raciness to the mousse, but it is relatively full-bodied too with texture and the pillow of mousse carrying through to a long, clear and well-balanced finish. I really enjoyed this, the first time I can recall tasting the Delamotte Rosé.
(2010) 12% ABV, cork. Delightful, moreish, soft strawberry fruit. Lots racy, more mineral notes too. The palate has a certain creaminess and richness of that red fruit, but there's a nicely pitched acidity beating at the heart of this wine. Very dry and food friendly.