(2017) A certified organic Malbec from vineyards at 1200 metres altitude in Mendoza, this is a lovely expression of Malbec's floral, Parma violet-scented personality, kirsch like black cherry fruit and a touchy of meaty reduction. On the palate it is really juicy and vivid, that black fruit core ripe and sweet, but with a liveliness to the cherry skin acidity and tug of tannins. With a moderate 13% alcohol it also feels unforced and balanced. The Chocolate Officer's match here is with a milk chocolate flavoured with fig, smoke and pink peppercorn. It's one of the more subtley flavoured chocolates in the range until, that is, you crunch into a peppercorn. Then the wine and chocolate combination really sings, quite luxurious and balancing sweet fruit and peppery spice. Wine price is for a half bottle.