(2022) Château Chalon is an appellation for Vin Jaune ("yellow wine") in the Jura region. The wines are vinified under a thick layer of yeast known as Voile that forms on top of the wine as it slumbers in maturing barrels, in exactly the same way that the layer of flor creates the character of many Sherries. Indeed, nosed blind, you would swear this was Sherry, with its walnutty, yeasty, bruised apple character, but unlike Sherry, it is not fortified. In the mouth, wonderfully earthy, dry, and again with that bruised apple and apple skin character, but so juicy too: even with six years of ageing in Mouillard's cellars, it has such a vibrant acidity with a feeling of energy that ripples through this wine into a long, saline and mouth-watering finish. Just fabulous. Watch the Wine of the Month video for more information.